Advanced VM

Advanced VM

  • Essential + Backup of Virtual Machines
  • Hot backup of ESXi, ESXi Free, vCenter – Hyper-V
  • One license, unlimited hosts and virtual machines
  • Backup of Hyper-V VMs also from the network
  • Incremental backup and restore of ESXi and ESXi Free (CBT / VDDK)


The complete solution to protect your virtual machines, with an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

One single license for unlimited hosts and virtual machines

Iperius Backup is a complete, affordable and easy to use backup software for Hyper-V / ESXi and vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi Free). It can perform hot backups of VMware virtual machines, copying them across the network, to NAS or Tape devices, in a fully automatic way.

Main features

  • Hot backup of ESXi, ESXi Free, vCenter
  • Hot backup of Hyper-V, also from a different machine
  • VM Replication from host to host and from datastore to datastore
  • Compatible with vSphere ESXi Cluster
  • Incremental and differential ESXi backup (CBT/VDDK)
  • Backup to disk, network, Cloud, NAS and LTO Tape
  • Restore of ESXi and Hyper-V virtual machines also to different hosts
  • Totally agentless – Backup from the network

Complete solution
Incremental / Differential Backup (CBT/VDDK)
Iperius fully supports VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT/VDDK) technologies, therefore enabling the incremental and differential backup of ESXi virtual machines and only carried out on the space actually occupied on the disks. This allows users to speed up the process and make the backup procedures more granular, while also reducing the space required. It is compatible with both vCenter and ESXi Free (vSphere Hypervisor).

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